Earth Day 2015

Did you know that today is the 45th Earth Day?  What inspired the first Earth Day?  What Earth Day celebrations stand out in your memories? The concept of Earth Day and environmental awareness precipitated from events of the late 1960’s.  We were at war in Vietnam.  Political activism and war protests were high.  A devastating […]

Not Just for the Environmentally-Friendly

Here’s a great article written by Reem Nasr, featured on CNBC’s website.  More and more, people are choosing solar because it’s the smart choice, party aside.  Region Solar encourages you to be an advocate for solar power in your state. Ready for action? Floridians, we have the opportunity to reduce restrictions on solar on the 2016 […]

Champions for Solar

The Kulkas’ are supporting solar! Participating in National Shout Out for Solar Day (1/16), they proudly displayed their support out front. Taking it two steps further, they contributed to Floridians for Solar Choice, and signed a petition to get solar choice on the 2016 ballot. Are you hopping aboard the Support Solar Bandwagon? Follow the link to […]

Solar in Florida Manufacturing

Region Solar has completed a 1.004 MW solar photovoltaic ground-mounted system at VizCo’s 26,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Monticello, Florida. Comprised of 3,280 solar panels, this solar system is projected to produce 1,450,000 kWh of electricity annually, and will be net-metered by Duke Energy.  Notably, this array was completed in less than three months, from […]

Top 5 Reasons Going Solar at Your Business Makes Sense

5. Support Sustainable Energy  Making the switch to clean solar is supporting one of the four types of renewable energy.  We’re not running out of the sun, anytime soon!  We don’t have to ship, transport or source solar from other countries. Consider this from the Department of Energy’s article The Top 6 Things You Didn’t Know […]

Cutting Carbon Emissions 30 Percent by 2030

What an exciting week it has been.  The EPA submitted the Clean Power Plan, to cut carbon pollution emitted by power plants by 30% by 2030.  Currently, there are no limits on the carbon pollution power plants emit.  Power plants contribute up to one-third of emitted greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.     Why […]

Support Solar at the Polls this Fall

Regions Solar respects the personal and political views of all. Regardless of party, we hope you will let the candidate you support know that you care about clean energy, solar energy, clean air and access to rebate programs for residential and business solar, if it is your view. Recap of 2014 Legislative Session Susan Glickman, […]

Keep Cool as Summer Heats Up

As the mercury rises, follow these measures to comfortably enjoy your home. First things first. Call your AC company to schedule your system’s checkup. Living in Florida, we all know it’s better to have the AC system checked at the beginning of the season. Who wants to be stuck without air conditioning on the hottest […]