Keep Cool as Summer Heats Up

As the mercury rises, follow these measures to comfortably enjoy your home. First things first. Call your AC company to schedule your system’s checkup. Living in Florida, we all know it’s better to have the AC system checked at the beginning of the season. Who wants to be stuck without air conditioning on the hottest of days, when a checkup in the beginning of the season might have spotted and corrected a problem waiting to happen?

Air Conditioning Annual Checkup
The AC technician will check a variety of things. They’ll check the amount of refrigerant and test for refrigerant leaks. They will look for and seal duct leakage in central systems. Airflow flowing through the evaporator coil will be measured. Electrical controls, electric terminals and connections will be checked and cleaned, as well as oil motors and check belts. Next they will check the accuracy of the thermostat. You’re not done, yet. As a homeowner, you should change your filters regularly and use the energy efficient filters; the kind air easily passes through. Clogged or dirty filters also reduce a system’s efficiency. In fact,
switching from a dirty, clogged filter to a clean one can increase your unit’s efficiency 5% – 15%. Don’t forget to check the condensation drain, you know, that line that runs the collected water outside. You can run a wire through that line regularly to make sure the line doesn’t get backed up with debris. The line is important, as humidity is removed from the air and converted to water.

Check for Areas of Heat Gain
Now that you’ve checked air conditioning maintenance off the list consider what you can do inside the home to help your AC not have to work as hard to keep you cool. Stand beside one of your eastern exposure windows in the late morning or western exposure windows in the afternoon. Hot? Consider window coverings, thermal lined curtains, window film, awnings or trees and shrubbery to shade those windows. The hotter it is inside, the harder your AC is working and the more you’re paying to stay

Ah, the Wind Chill Effect
Ceiling fans make you feel up to 4⁰F cooler. Remember they don’t actually lower temperature, so conserve energy by turning them off when you leave the room. Remember simple things make a difference. Running the exhaust fan during a shower helps reduce humidity in the home. Consider air drying dishes after running the dishwasher. Skip using the oven on the hottest days. Wait until the temperature has gone down in the evening to run the clothes dryer. These tips will make it easier on your air conditioning, your wallet and you’ll keep your cool!