Earth Day 2015

Did you know that today is the 45th Earth Day?  What inspired the first Earth Day?  What Earth Day celebrations stand out in your memories?

The concept of Earth Day and environmental awareness precipitated from events of the late 1960’s.  We were at war in Vietnam.  Political activism and war protests were high.  A devastating oil spill affected Santa Barbara, California.    The 1970’s energy crisis was on the horizon.

Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired by these events as well as widespread ignorance and apathy.  He worked to establish a day to bring attention to air and water pollution.  With the support of Congressman Pete McCloskey, the two worked together to coordinate national environmental education events.   The first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, was supported by 20 million Americans who engaged in pro-environment rallies, from coast to coast.  Mind you,  at the time, “Air pollution was accepted as the smell of prosperity” (Earth Day Network).

Due to these early efforts and focused activism, results included the creation of United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

Earth Day is now celebrated globally.  What will you do as a steward of our environment?  What Earth will your children and future generations inherit?

Not Just for the Environmentally-Friendly

Here’s a great article written by Reem Nasr, featured on CNBC’s website.  More and more, people are choosing solar because it’s the smart choice, party aside.  Region Solar encourages you to be an advocate for solar power in your state.

Ready for action? Floridians, we have the opportunity to reduce restrictions on solar on the 2016 ballot. Learn more by visiting Floridians for Solar Choice.  Registered Florida voters can view and sign the petition.  We urge you to support the addition of this ballot amendment.

Not a Floridian?  Solar always benefits from your support.  Solar Daily, Renewable Energy World, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) are great places to start, as well as following Region Solar’s social media channel that offer solar news content.

Champions for Solar

PictureThe Kulkas’ are supporting solar! Participating in National Shout Out for Solar Day (1/16), they proudly displayed their support out front. Taking it two steps further, they contributed to Floridians for Solar Choice, and signed a petition to get solar choice on the 2016 ballot.

Are you hopping aboard the Support Solar Bandwagon? Follow the link to sign the petition. Private message us on Facebook when you signed the petition and or display a support solar sign in your yard.   Congratulate the Kulkas’ with us, and join in.

Proposed Ballot Summary: Limits or prevents government and electric utility imposed barriers to supplying local solar electricity. Local solar electricity supply is the non-utility supply of solar generated electricity from a facility rated up to 2 megawatts to customers at the same or contiguous property as the facility. Barriers include government regulation of local solar electricity suppliers’ rates, service and territory, and unfavorable electric utility rates, charges, or terms of service imposed on local solar electricity customers.

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