Solar in Florida Manufacturing

1MW Ground Mount in Monticello FL.

Region Solar has completed a 1.004 MW solar photovoltaic ground-mounted system at VizCo’s 26,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Monticello, Florida. Comprised of 3,280 solar panels, this solar system is projected to produce 1,450,000 kWh of electricity annually, and will be net-metered by Duke Energy.  Notably, this array was completed in less than three months, from contract signing to placing the system in service.

VizCo, The Visionary Company, produces plastic injection-molded drip pans, alarms and pipe grips for water heaters. Increased production, efficiency, and reducing operational costs drove business owner Chris Cantolino to choose solar photovoltaic to power his manufacturing facility.  Seeking a clean and steady delivery of power thru solar, Cantolino looked to combat small energy fluctuations in electrical current which created significant losses in the production process of his injection molded plastics machinery.

Region Solar built the system using forty-five (45) Solar Edge 20k string inverters and one thousand six hundred forty (1,640) Solar Edge P700 optimizers to increase the system’s production.  Further reducing costs, the landscape where the array is located will be maintained by grazing sheep.

Region Solar owner Andrew Tanner said, “To our knowledge, VizCo is the only manufacturing facility in Florida completely powered by solar, through net metering.  Solar is a savvy choice for Florida manufacturers!”  Cantolino is passionate about American manufacturing and being a Florida manufacturer.  “Solar photovoltaic is a smart business choice.  Reducing and controlling operational costs increases a business’s competitive edge.”  Just last month, Region Solar completed a 150.3 kW rooftop and carport solar photovoltaic system at SimGar, the Simple Garden, in Bradenton, Florida; Cantolino’s second business.